13 Brutally Honest Things I Want The Narcissist Who Dumped Me To Know

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Dating a narcissist was one of the worst experiences of my life. And it wasn't just because of how selfish he was. He was more than just a guy who didn't think about others. He was a guy who didn't understand that other people had feelings, too. And that those feelings were just as important as his own.

In the beginning of the relationship, I'd express my thoughts whenever I was frustrated or upset or even happy, but he never really cared. He'd listen and he'd shake his head in agreement, but empathy was always absent whenever he spoke. He just simply didn't care. 

Right now, I don't hate my narcissist ex, but when he broke up with me, I was too emotional and thrown off guard to respond in any way besides breaking down in tears. I wish I would've been able to say well thought out, and slightly bitchy things to him, but since I wasn't, I'm saying them now. 

You Didn't Break Me
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You Didn't Break Me

I want you to know that you didn't break me. Sure, you hurt my feelings and you made me more cautions about who I give my attention to, but you didn't break me. If anything you left a small bruise that I eventually forgot was there until one day, I looked and the mark was completely gone. 

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I Feel Sorry For You

I really do. It's not that I think I'm amazing. You won't hear me running around town telling people how much better I am than you and how horrible of a life you'll have without me. I don't feel sorry for you because you were too narcissistic to handle a relationship with me. I feel sorry for you because you're too narcissistic to handle any relationship. 

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I've Replaced You

I've replaced you with things you never let me do because they weren't about you. I've replaced you with my passions. Instead of catering to your interests, I've started catering to my own. I've discovered my hobbies again. Now, I spend more time reading than watching you play video games. I spend more time traveling and finding cute, new hot spots instead of going to the same restaurant with you every weekend because you're too insecure to leave your comfort zone. 

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I Think You Should Seek Help

I've always been a believer of therapy. In my opinion, every single person in the world should go to therapy at least once in their life; regardless if they think they have an "issue" or not.  And you? Yeah, you should definitely see someone and talk to someone to try to get to the root of why you don't seem capable of caring about other people.

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If I Could, I'd Tell Your Girlfriend To Run

And actually, I could tell your girlfriend to run if I really wanted to. However, I'm not interested in being anywhere near your existence and talking to your girlfriend would bring me way too close to your life. It might be rude of me to let her figure out what I figured out the hard way, but at the same time, we all have to experience things to really learn. 

I Think You're F*cking Crazy
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I Think You're F*cking Crazy

You're f*cked up. You really are. And it's crazy that you don't know that. Seriously, how can you ignore people, disrespect them, while still maintaining this false facade that you're not the problem??? That's f*cking nuts. The fact that you've never been able to see your flaws is pathological and I truly think you're insane. 

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You Never Did Much For Me In Bed

Low blow? I don't think so. Just being honest. Your penis was average and your thrusts were all over the place in terms of consistency (and not in a good way). I faked it most of the time, which probably didn't help your already way too inflamed ego.

You Made Me Doubt Myself

You Made Me Doubt Myself

I was a confident person before I dated you. But you made me lose that confidence for a while. You made me doubt everything I thought was positive about myself because you never, ever complimented me. You only pointed out the things I needed to work on which made me think flaws were the only things I had. 

But, I'm Confident Now

But, I'm Confident Now

I know you got your strength from putting me down. And when you broke up with me, and I cried, I know you probably felt amazing about yourself. Well just so you know, I'm not as weak as I was when you last spoke to me. My confident has bounced back and doubled. I'm better than I was. 

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I Only Wish You The Best

I don't wish you anything but the best. No, I'm not constantly praying for your success but I'm also not praying for you to fail. I know you might think I hate you, but I don't. I don't like you at all but I don't view you as my enemy by any means. You're just irrelevant. 

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