These Are The 7 Healing Crystals I Wear On A Daily Basis And Why

Daily Crystals

I was first introduced to the healing art of crystals by an extremely ~mystical~ ex, and at first, I thought it was all pretty useless. I'm a naturally spiritual person with a lot of out-there beliefs, but even I found the idea that specific rocks will affect you in specific ways to be too much of a stretch. "They're just rocks," I thought. Beautiful, ancient rocks, but just rocks all the same.

Plot twist: I still kind of feel that way. But I wear crystals every day — around my neck, on my fingers, and around my waist. I feel naked without any colorful, glowing rocks adorning my body and my crystals have grown to be quite important to me. 

Much of my appreciation is on a simple level: the crystals are aesthetically beautiful, and they come straight from the Earth. Just like I believe having plants around is important for your health, I believe having rocks around is important. These things ground you and nourish your spirit.

And, while I don't really believe that crystals have specific healing properties, I do believe in the power of intention. Because each crystal is associated with a specific theme, it serves as a daily reminder and helps me channel my focus. 

From self-love to healthy boundaries, my little rock allies keep me on track. Here are the 7 crystals I wear on a daily basis and why.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

First up, here's some live footage of my main OG crystal in the wild. The first crystal I started to wear on a daily basis, my baby rose quartz, is associated with all things related to the heart, making it the perfect crystal to wear on a necklace so that it can hang right above your heart chakra. Rose quartz is also one of the crystals recommended for Tauruses, of which I am one. 

My rose quartz reminds me to be tender, to be open, and to treat my heart with care. It also reminds me to trust those who deserve to be trusted, i.e. not that asshole who only texts you "sup" at midnight.



This little luminescent amethyst, wrapped in gold wire, is on my ring finger most days. Amethyst is a meditative or calming stone that can also serve to clear bad energy from a space. Sometimes dubbed the "high priestess" of the rocks, amethyst is basically just a boss bitch. It reminds me that I can always fall back on the spiritual practices and beliefs that run deep through my bones.



On my other ring finger is malachite, the "stone of transformation." To aid in spiritual and emotional growth, this gem helps you break old patterns and begin anew.  As someone who hates change more than I hate most things, a reminder that nothing is permanent and that, actually, change is often for the best, is really useful at times. It is okay to surprise yourself!

Lapis Lazuli
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Lapis Lazuli

I wear this intense blue stone, lapis lazuli, on my index finger. This is another stone recommended for Tauruses. It's associated with wisdom and learning, and it's supposed to aid the wearer in achieving insight and self-knowledge. I tend to overthink things a lot and rationalize my emotions before I get the chance to fully feel them (shout-out to therapy!), and this stone reminds me that, despite my feeble attempts at making sense of things, there's still always something for me to learn.

Rutilated Quartz, Rhodonite, and Green Aventurine

Rutilated Quartz, Rhodonite, and Green Aventurine

I wear four more crystals literally 24/7 around my waist on my waist beads. From left to right, there's more rose quartz (of course), rutilated quartz, rhodonite, and green aventurine. 

These crystals are inspired by a Hawaiian expression, "ho'oponopono," which is a recitation for healing and forgiveness. There are four steps to ho'oponopono: "I love you," "I am sorry," "please forgive me," and "thank you." 

"I love you" is represented by the love crystal, rose quartz. "I am sorry" is represented by rutilated quartz, which is associated with willpower. "Please forgive me" is represented by rhodonite, a pinkish stone that represents — of course — forgiveness. And "thank you" is represented by green aventurine, also known as the "stone of opportunity."

This Hawaiian mantra is said to bring about peace in any situation; it's about clearing karma, centering compassion in all situations, and tapping into your collective responsibility. As someone who's still teaching herself how to be an adult with human emotions, the daily reminder from these four crystals is invaluable.



Kim Wong-Shing is a writer, lipstick junkie, and plant mama in New Orleans. She grew up in Philadelphia and went to Brown University. Connect with her on Instagram.


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