11 Reasons Why Frida Kahlo Is A Queer, Feminist Icon

frida kahlo

Frida Kahlo was a larger-than-life feminist queer icon. She has become so much more than an artist in the past decades following her death. Here are 13 reasons why Frida earned that title and held it loudly and proudly throughout her life and long after her death.

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1. Frida didn't care for or adhere to any gender norms. She was famously queer. It's also been noted that a lot of the depictions of women in her paintings could be construed as being somewhat homoerotic. She was unapologetic about loving and respecting womens' bodies. 

2. Frida was known to shun gender norms, particularly when it came to the way women were expected to dress. She never sought to be perceived as sexy, which is one of the reasons many say she chose to wear billowing, oversized skirts and blouses.

3. Frida was mischievous, and was known to enjoy a little cross-dressing. She liked to put on manly clothes (like a suit) to project what she perceived as power and independence. She famously wore her father's entire suit in a family photograph taken in 1926.

4. Both Frida and Diego were unfaithful while married. Frida was an equal-opportunity lover and famously slept with both men and women, making her one of only a few queer figures in art history. 

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5. Frida loved to challenge the status quo. Another way she challenged gender norms was by playing sports. She also joined a gang of intellectuals as a young adult. 

6. Further blending of the gender lines was evident in Frida's behavior, too. It was considered by many at the time as perhaps unladylike. She liked to party till the break of dawn and was said to win tequila challenges against many men. Bottoms up!

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7. Frida's sexuality was fluid. She was even rumored to have slept with the same women Diego Rivera had seduced. 

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8. She was an early activist for individual expression. Frida is credited with using her style of clothing to shun stereotypes, and instead promote a message of independence and equality.

9. Over 60 years after her death, Frida has undoubtedly turned into a one of the most recognizable symbols representing artistic expression and sexual freedom. Love who you want to love.

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10. Frida was a strong believer in the French saying, "jolie laide, or beautiful ugly. What a beautiful sentiment. She was more concerned with being authentic and true to herself, than she was about performing a certain gender. 

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