Here's How The Universe Wants You To Kick Ass And Take Names This Week


The sun is officially in Gemini, the sign symbolized by two twins (♊). Gemini energy is chatty and flexible, and the fun-loving, curious energy of this sign couldn’t come at a better time, when we all need a major distraction. Consider this “Give No F*cks Season,” and please, do break out the champagne.

Geminis are one of those signs that, like Scorpios, get a bad rap. They’re not beholden to anyone but themselves, they’re experts at being fake, yet rarely spare anyone’s feelings, and they will gladly skip the listening part of conversations in favor of simply droning on and on. HOWEVER! The world is a dumpster fire, and if this Gemini energy causes you to do anything, let it allow you to put yourself first, to interrupt a**holes, and to present whatever version of yourself is best suited to your daily survival.

With that said, here’s the full scoop on this week’s stars.


With the Sun in chatty Gemini, this should be the ideal time to talk things out with your loved ones — the type of exhausting, all-nighter chats that make you feel like a kid at a sleepover, except drunker. But this weekend, Venus in Cancer opposite Saturn will leave you wanting to tuck into your turtle shell rather than do any of the work that communication requires. 

It’s okay to prioritize solo time, as long as you communicate those boundaries to your loved ones. Don’t allow yourself to get sucked into things if your heart is not in it, but cultivate compassion, too — you’re not the only one with needs, remember? Abandoning your obligations will only screw you over later. Everything feels rather dramatic and impossible at this time, but try to chill out on the absolutism and extremist thinking, and save the deep conversations for later. 


The Sun is trine Mars from Monday to Saturday, making this week the ideal time to take some initiative and show off your stuff. From Thursday to Saturday especially, you'll find yourself suddenly willing to use your words like a grown-up to achieve your deepest, most closely-held desires.

The stage is set for you to speak UP. Demand what you deserve: Negotiate that raise, haggle for that dream purchase, or angle for that promotion. Basically, imagine that you are a straight cis white man: You are entitled to whatever you want from life, and you know it. Hell yeah! The only question is, what do you want?

If you’re your own boss, take this moment to start a major or long-overdue project. Let’s be real — you’re going to feel lazy later, and your life will be easier if you create as much forward momentum as possible now, while the universe is on your side.

Health & Wellness

With some rather overwhelming planetary shifts going on, you may feel generally overwhelmed by the big picture at the moment. As the work week drags on and the Moon transits through Scorpio, that feeling may transmute itself into feelings of numbness or depression. 

Remember that, when it comes down to it, taking care of your mind and body is nobody else’s job but yours. Go outside as much as you can; turn your face to the sun like the f*cking sunflower that you are. Put a little pep in your step, too, because the Sun is trine Mars this week, and it's the ideal time for actually completing that exercise routine you’ve had on your to-do list for the past ten years. 

Better yet, forget the plan. Just practice being in your body — whatever that looks like for you. Awkward dancing counts.

Social Scene

From Tuesday to Friday, Mercury is opposite Jupiter, which spells out social expansion. Big talks, big dreams, big hangs, bigness of all kinds. Still, you’re one person with limited energy, so try not to promise more than you can actually deliver. Prioritization is difficult, but essential.On Friday, Jupiter trine Neptune will send your empathy into high gear, which will allow you to prioritize in exactly the way that you need to — but only if you can slow your roll for once. The conclusions will always be there; there’s no need to jump to them. Instead, take a leisurely walk to them, sloth style, and be ready to prove yourself wrong. Patient connections are your medicine this week. Schedule a craft night with your besties; wine included (always).



Kim Wong-Shing is a writer, lipstick junkie, and plant mama in New Orleans. She grew up in Philadelphia and went to Brown University. Absent any real hobbies, she has developed a great deal of enthusiasm for highly specific things, such as foxes, moss, and the ending of "Karma Police." Connect with her on Instagram.


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