After Spending A Decade In Search Of The Right Face Wash, This Is The One I Finally Fell In Love With

After Spending A Decade In Search Of The Right Face Wash, This Is The One I Finally Fell In Love With

I am one of the many adults who still struggles with acne and oily skin. (They tell you that stuff is just for teenagers, but it's a lie.) For more than 10 years, then, I've been on a journey to find a face wash that's both effective and affordable. 

For several of those years, I settled for some cheap stuff I could pick up at the grocery store and then tried to compensate with nice toners, moisturizers, and face masks. Just recently, though, I came upon an article that made a good point: Wouldn't it be better to just spend a little more on one good face wash than buy all that other stuff?

(Sometimes I think I'm so smart, and then someone hits me with a truth that seems so obvious.)

After that realization, I decided to ditch the grocery store stuff and start reading up on better face washes for people with acne. I ended up trying a few different ones, including one of those new "milky" cleansers that everyone's been recommending. It was pretty nice for $20. It also came in a tiny, six-ounce bottle that I used up in about three weeks.

Post-milky stuff, I thought I would try something really different: a cleanser balm. Though it's oil-based, it claims to attach to your facial oils so that everything's washed away when you rise. It seemed to work fine, and eventually my face started to clear up — though that might have been an aftereffect of the milky stuff. Still, I felt like I had to use a lot for it to be effective, and it was gone fast. 

Next up was one of those foaming, cleansing mousses you can find in any high-end department store. Unlike the others, it came in a good-sized bottle and I only needed to use a little for it to be effective.

But it was soapy. It left my face feeling sticky and tight. I broke out yet again.

After all that, I took to Sephora's website and pored over the reviews of some of the most highly rated face washes in my price range — and it was then when I finally found my baby.

Named after the guy who created it, OLEHENRIKSEN (whoa) is a Hygge-inspired skincare brand that promises "pure radiance from the inside out." I was skeptical about it at first, but the reviews for its products were overwhelmingly positive and a bottle of The Clean Truth Foaming Cleanser just happened to be on sale. 

After over a month of using it, I have almost no breakouts, my shine is under control, and I still have almost half of the bottle left. Plus, it pumps out as a foam, which I love. (Lathering face and body washes just make me feel so clean.)

I was concerned at first because it does have a fragrance, but then I tried it: It smells exactly like the orange rolls my mother used to make on Christmas morning. It's Christmas morning in my nose every morning and night.

It is $30, which is near the maximum of what I want to spend, but a bottle of this stuff will likely last me two months. Besides, I'm hoping to save some money on concealer for the rest of my freaking life.



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