This Magic Spell Will Help Clear Your Skin

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Acne, dermatitis, eczema, dry patches: All these skin conditions and irritations can be very uncomfortable. I often suffer from the latter three every now and again, and it's an itchy, painful mess.

And while it can often feel like medicated creams or fancy Sephora serums just aren't working to their full potential, sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands — with a handy little magic spell, of course.

There's nothing vain or anti-body positivity about wanting to get rid of your acne or irritation. If you've accepted your skin the way it is, then that's also great, but for those who want to say goodbye to pimples, there's a nifty little spell you can work into your skin care routine.

This spell will only work if you keep up with a healthy and organized skin care regime, as it is an enhancement enchantment, not a quick fix. The spell helps enhance your medications and skincare products to work to their full potential.

So if you feel like you need an extra hand soothing your skin, grab some gem stones and meet me under the moonlight.

What You'll Need

- Your current skin treatments (cleanser, moisturiser, serums, mediations)

- A large bowl of water

- A towel

- A Rose Quartz stone

- A Malachite stone

- A window that faces the moon

Estimated Time To Complete Spell

10 minutes, or however long it usually takes you to wash and prep your skin.

Estimated Cost

$4-10 depending on where you get your crystals. You can find them on Amazon, in your local gift-shops and craft stores, or even on the beach if you're lucky.

What To Do

Step 1: On the night of a full moon — the next one is on May 29 — take your bowl and fill it with water. You'll need enough water to properly rinse your face with in the morning. Take the water to a window that faces the moon and place it on the sill. The moonlight needs to hit the water, but don't worry if it doesn't reflect a strong glow, as even a mild glow will help charge the water.

Step 2: Place the gemstones on either side of the bowl, they'll need to charge in the moonlight too. During a full moon, your energies are heightened. This means any natural healing properties your body has will work extra hard when it comes in contact with direct moonlight or moonlight infused water.

Step 3: Leave the bowl to sit at the window overnight; if you're worried about dust or bugs touching the water, then you can wrap it in cling-film. As long as the cover is transparent, the spell will still work. Now, go to sleep!

Step 4: When you wake up in the morning, collect the gems and lay down. Place both gems on your face and relax. When you wake up in the morning, collect the gems and lay down. Place both gems on your face; the quartz is best sat on your irritant areas as it's a stone known for it's healing properties. Micro-cuts and popped pimples on your face will appreciate the quartz most. The malachite is also known as a healing gem, but its specifically great for clearing and cleansing the soul AND the skin. This nice mix of healing and cleansing will direct the stone's power directly to your sensitive areas.

Step 5: Next, take the moonlight infused water and rinse your face, while saying the following words: "My skin will flourish with the power of la luna, redness will fade, blood will drain, and softness will return."

Step 6: Cleanse your face as you normally would. If you're just starting out your skin care journey, then make sure your cleanser suits your skin type. If you have dry and irritant skin, be sure to use mild cleansers such as Simple's Water Boost, or La Roche-Posay Effaclar cleanser for oily skin. If you have acne prone skin, be sure to check with your doctor as to which ingredients are best (they usually include salicylic acid).

Step 7: Pat your face dry and continue with the rest of your usual skin-care regime, i.e. acne medications, serums, moisturizer  SPF etc. Similarly to cleansing, make sure your after-wash products also suit your skin type and any conditions you may have.

Step 8: Clear up, keep up with your skin care regime, and repeat these steps every full moon if needed. Just remember, skin care is a very personal journey that never quite goes the way we expect it will. Acne may pop up when we least suspect it, we'll always get oily days, we'll always have that one dry patch of skin that never quite fades. It's natural, and you're still wonderful no matter what.



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