Voices: Getting Real With Emily Ho Of 'Authentically Emmie'

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Voices is a series of interviews with influencers, social media personalities, and overall badass women who are speaking out about self-love. Hand-selected by self-love mentor and wellness advocate Sarah Sapora, the series' goal is to cultivate an honest conversation about love and acceptance and highlight the perspectives of women living boldly. Inspired by her own journey to creating a happier and healthier life from the inside out, Sarah uses her platform as a social influencer to create a community for women, both on- and offline, based around a single powerful idea: “I stand, you stand… and together, we rise the f*ck up.”

The Voice of... Emily Ho.

Social media is full of flashy bloggers who seem to burn fast and bright, strutting in body con dresses and showing off a life that can only appear to be too perfect. It can make you wonder, how can this be real? And then there is Emily Ho. The voice behind the blog Authentically Emmie, Emily has been a steady presence in the plus fashion industry since 2009. She writes about life, fitness, her journey living with Hashimoto's (an autoimmune thyroid disorder) and recovering from binge eating disorder. She is a class act, and a voice to be heard! 

What is your name?
My name is Emily but many people know me as Emmie.

Where do you call home?
Louisville, Kentucky.

Who is Emily?
I'm known as a body positive and plus size blogger. In life and in blogging, I'm an oversharer. I like to tell stories. It helps me process information on what's going on in my life; I feel like it gives people a sense of familiarity and a sense of understanding that other people are [also] going through struggles. I tend to talk about life in a very open, honest, and authentic way. I also believe fashion is a sort of confidence and self-expression — I think there's a lot of power within that. I feel like it's very important to be visibly plus size and active and making waves in your workplace — just to be visibly plus size living life. I can't hide it and I think it's refreshing for people to see.  

Why do you share your life online?
I share my life because I get a lot of strength when I see other people sharing similar stories or going through struggles and also triumphs. I mean, nobody wants to read the news these days. It's just horrifying 99.9% of the time. So, being able to connect with people is the original purpose of me going online. I wanted to share my struggles with weight or my struggles with trying to work out or just figure out life as this person who is visibly larger and wants all of the things that everybody else does. But I wasn't seeing any of that back in the day. I mean, I've been doing this for nine years. So, it's just, it's a source of connection and finding community where it's, it's just not something you can walk on the street and find a community of like minded people who understand and of who you are where you're coming from and why you're doing what you're doing online. It gives us a really great opportunity to connect with like-minded people and learn from them, grow from them and also have someone to share experiences with and ups and downs. I just found it really empowering.

What does Emily believe in?
I believe that everybody should live a life without limits. Limits can be  socioeconomic, physical, etc. A lot of my work and what I write about is about taking away your own self-imposed limits, or the limits that society might impose upon you. You shouldn’t do this or wear that etc.  I try to live a life without limits every day and I also try to share the struggles that come from that, because there are a lot.

When you were little, what did you want to be “when you grew up?”
I wanted to be a pediatrician.

What’s your favorite curse word?

What turns you on the most in life?
Kind people.

What turns you off?
Closed-minded people.

What is one misconception you think people have about you?
That everything in my life is nice and pretty all the time.

Do you believe in the idea of second chances?

Singing in the shower or singing in the car?

The car.

What do your online “haters” say to you?
They say that they can't believe anybody is [romantically] with me because of what I look like. They say my ex-husband must have cheated with someone else because of what I look like. They say I must be a secret binge eating crazy calorie-consumer because of my fat.

If you could have a conversation with one of these haters, what would you say to them?
I would probably ask why they feel the need to share these thoughts with a stranger.

Pudding or pie?
Pudding...I like pudding a hundred percent, that wasn't even like a question.

Do you believe that people can have a “life calling?” If so, what is yours and are you following it?
I do believe that people have life callings but I believe these callings can be fluid and can change… I think my calling is just to share. I think just sharing and being honest and open. It might be about one topic one day or a different topic in other day; I feel like there's strength in sharing.  

Imagine every person in the world would stop what they were doing and listen to you talk for one minute. What would you say?
Oh my God. I would say to everybody in the world that you are loved. You are valuable. You have your own strengths and gifts and talents even if you can't see them. And to be kind to each other.

If you could have a conversation with yourself 10 years ago, what would you talk about?
I would be pretty open in saying that life is not gonna give you exactly what you think you want but it will usually give you what you need.

Tell us about a time you f*cked something up but learned a lesson in the process.
When I was in my twenties, my mom was very sick and I wanted to take her on a vacation; I didn't know how many more vacations she'd have in the future. She was in a wheelchair , which I was not used to dealing with.  I was pushing her down the street in Savannah, Georgia ( where she was originally from) but the street was cobblestone. I was distracted and trying to think of all the things I thought she wanted to do — I didn't actually ask her what she wanted to do; this was the first problem.  I was trying to live out this last vacation and push her into this specific candy store on the cobblestone street because I thought she liked this candy shop and I was trying to make all her dreams come true. I don’t think she really wanted to go — and in the process, I literally dumped my mother onto the street by accident. She was unable to move and it was mortifying and horrible, getting looks from people and with her on the street. The lesson I got from this (and she was fine from being accidentally dumped, she wasn’t hurt) but the lesson was to stop trying to force an experience on someone — they might not want it. I was really focused on doing something I didn't think I was going to have again and it was very selfish, now that I look back on that.

Who is your first celebrity crush?

Joey McIntyre.

If you could sit down and have a conversation with any person, alive or dead, who would it be and what would you talk about?
I think I would probably talk to my mom. [Editor's note: Emily’s mother is no longer living.] There are a lot of things that I wasn’t able to say to her and she wasn’t able to say to me, especially in times of life change. Like, right now, I’m going through getting married a second time. I think just being able to talk about what she would have done in life would be so valuable.

What lineup in a game of “Kill, Marry, F*ck” would you have the hardest time playing?
Matt Bomer, Justin Timberlake, and Colin Firth.

Finish this statement: I am…



Sarah Sapora is a marketing expert specializing in lifestyle brands for women. From plus size apparel to the tantalizing world of the male revue- she’s worked marketing for both Chippendales and The Men of the Strip as seen on the E! Channel—Sarah loves nothing more than to use her creative, professional juices to support and empower women. With her blog and small sliver of Social Media World, Sarah uses the gateway of fashion to inspire women of ALL shapes, sizes and ages to be more forgiving of themselves and to live confidently. Her plus size lifestyle blog for women,SarahPlusLife.com is a candid, intimate, and often hilarious, study on the living plus size, fashion and dating.  A native New Yorker, Sarah lives in the San Francisco area with her Shih Tzu wingman, Winston. She enjoys cooking, the arts and singing in the car. 


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