Doula Angela Gallo Uses Raw, Beautiful Images Of Pregnancy And Childbirth To Alter Public Perceptions

angela gallo doula

I remember my first health class. I was in the 5th grade. Yes, you read that correctly, 5th grade. Imagine trying to sit through a health class with the most upbeat and bubbly teacher using the correct terminology of our body’s anatomy and the boys snickering at the word, “vagina”.

Year after year we were subjected to five weeks of health class during our gym block. The most embarrassing part was getting to freshman health and having to watch a real life birth video. I was always more convinced that the birthing videos shown in health were meant to scare the shit out of you, not to educate you.

When I was 15, I had the pleasure of being in the delivery room as my aunt gave birth to my cousin. The idea of pregnancy and childbirth had always been rather fascinating to me. So when I came across Angela Gallo’s Instagram, I was instantly drawn to it and had to follow.

Angela Gallo, a Doula, mom and entrepreneur, is changing the way we view childbirth. This woman expertly empowers other women through their birth and encourages them not to be ashamed of their bodies. She shows the world that childbirth is beautiful and natural.

While she sheds light on the normalcy of breastfeeding and the female body, she does so in an elegant and artistic manner. She shares pictures of women feeding their children and the many emotions of childbirth in a way that is not perverted but honest and pure. You can't look away. 

I was first drawn to this account because I saw a picture of a woman holding a baby. As I read the caption I realized it was a stillborn and immediately felt grief for that mother. For that family. I didn’t know their story but I wanted to. I wanted to cry for them. I wanted to hug them.

As you scroll through the page you may also notice that you don’t see many women of color. As an activist for all women, Angela sheds light on the crisis in the communities of color and how these children and their mothers are dying at much higher rate than their white counterparts.

Angela is bringing awareness to women’s rights, tragedies, triumphs, and struggles. Childbirth doesn't have to be viewed as "nasty" or "scary". It's what our bodies were made to do. 

Angela tells the stories of women who have been hushed by society’s uncomfortable relationship with infant mortality, childbirth or breastfeeding. She allows women to have a voice. 

This is what girl power looks like.



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