Who Are We?
We're a diverse group of women (and a few feminist men) who decided the internet was missing a safe space to highlight unique perspectives. We were all so curious about each other’s personal stories, that every time we tried to sit down for a pitch meeting, it turned into a lively and surprisingly therapeutic storytelling session. These unfiltered discussions, deeply personal reveals, and eccentric anecdotes told through fresh perspectives are what led us to create Vocally.

What Are We All About?
Our mission is to create an open and diverse community that encourages different people to come together to share their personal stories. Whether those personal stories are about issues of race, identity, social justice or a crazy eyebrow trend, we’re here for it.

Why Did We Start This?
We're living with some heavy sh*t in today's social and political climate and here at Vocally, we are trying to have more conversations with neighbors whose opinions and experiences may differ from our own. We also welcome internet nonsense with open arms because sometimes, you just need to take a timeout from life and watch hairstyling tutorials gone wrong. Ultimately, we want to share stories that may seem crazy to some, relatable to others and aim to unite, entertain and educate.

How You Can Get Involved
If you have a story to share, we’re excited to hear you tell it. Email us article submissions and pitches at contribute@vocally.com.